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  • Alex Moskov

    Alex Moskov

    Writer & Entrepreneur: Editor-in-Chief @ CoinCentral.com, Head of Content @ thinkJuice.com,

  • Thomas Hayden

    Thomas Hayden

    I write about science and the environment and compel others to do the same.

  • Ian Sample

    Ian Sample

    I am the Guardian's science correspondent, the planet's worst surfer, and author of Massive, shortlisted for the Royal Society Winton Science book prize 2011

  • Chris Clarke

    Chris Clarke

    Nature & environment writer, desert conservation advocate. I write at http://KCET.org and http://coyot.es/crossing

  • Kimberly Moynahan

    Kimberly Moynahan

    Writer, researcher, astonishment-seeker. Writing on science, nature, and other sources of wonder.

  • Lisa Willemse

    Lisa Willemse

    Science Communicator. Writer. Most often found in forest on bike or just exploring, usually both.

  • Carl Safina

    Carl Safina

    Ecologist, author. Inaugural holder of Endowed Chair for Nature and Humanity, Stony Brook University. SafinaCenter.org, CarlSafina.org

  • Sarah M. Gilman

    Sarah M. Gilman

    Environmental journalist and essayist. Occasional poet and artist. Contributing editor @highcountrynews, a magazine about the U.S. West. http://sarahmgilman.com

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